ACHIEVE Workshop 2024

March 25th – March 26th, 2024, Vienna

ACHIEVE ROUND – viROlogy lUNch Date

A scientific lunch date! 

It is our pleasure to announce the ACHIEVE ROUND – a viROlogy lUNch Date organized by the ACHIEVE academy of the jGfV, which will take place from March 25th to 28th in Vienna, Austria. This year’s activity is themed “ROUND” and aims to network and exchange experiences with an experienced mentor during an “informal lunch date” taking place during the annual meeting of the Society of Virology.

We are welcoming intermediate to late doctoral candidates (starting 2nd year PhD) as well as postdocs (up to 3 years post-graduation)/physicians in training from the fields of medicine, veterinary medicine, life sciences to apply.

Participation will include a kick-off meeting, taking place on the 25th of March, 2024 shortly before the start of the annual meeting of the Society of Virology, as well as a lunch date (26th of March 2024) within a small group of peers and an experienced expert. Topics will range from grant writing, going abroad, application for professorships and many more. In addition, a selected number of successful applicants will receive a scholarship which includes the costs for the registration for the annual meeting of the Society of Virology 2024 in Vienna.

Applications should include a CV (1 page) and a letter of motivation (1 page). 

Registration is open until 31.01.2024 5 pm!